Roles and Responsibilities

Please note that the various titles and roles are not intended to create division or stratification among the membership. They are simply reflective of actual roles and responsibilities within the organization. The individual remains the highest authority over their own life and decisions. Without a defined structure we would not be as effective in accomplishing the kind of objectives made possible by banding together.

Only the roles determined to be required will be filled within each defined area. As the Church grows, it may become necessary to appoint individual members to roles that were not needed previously. Those chosen for leadership positions will be individuals who have shown that they support the goals of the Church and are willing to use their skills to further those goals. These positions are not about wielding power over others and any leaders who abuse the prestige that may come with a title will be replaced with someone more suitable.

Titles within the church are not limited to responsibility of an area. For example; The Luminary role like all other roles can be of an area of need within the church such as Luminary of public relations or Luminary of Education. These roles do not define that Luminary to be in charge of meetings and are not required to form a group. All titles except the Archon title are subject to this definition of responsibility. Each tile given of a role with the church will end with “OF titled Role”. Those without the “OF titled Role” extension of the named title will operate according the list below.

Archons – Organizer and Facilitator of International Church Governance

The Archons duty to be the visionaries of the Church and guide the full progression of the Church. The Archon is the balance of the world that will be shown in example of their actions. They have shown a high level of mastery over their world and achieved a stage of enlightened wisdom that can move the world forward into a new era. This is a form of service to the Luciferian community and the world at large that they are willing and capable of providing.

Archiereus – Organizer and Facilitator of Full Districts

The role of the Archiereus is to govern and manage full districts which are composed of many zones. Depending on the population base and geographical land base, these districts may include full countries. The job of the Archiereus is to make sure that all leaders in their governed zones get everything they need to grow the Church. It is their jobs to find and appoint new zone leaders according to the guidelines in this document.

Archiereus Minor – Organizer and Facilitator of a Zone

Archiereus Minor is to govern a defined Zone. They receive guidance from and report directly to their Archiereus. The functions of an Archiereus Minor includes finding and developing local leadership and supporting local leadership according to this document within their Zone.

Arch Luminary –

Organizer and Facilitator of a State, Province or Territory within a Zone, as defined by the Church. The Arch-Luminary will provide support and guidance to the Luminaries within their assigned region and will assist their Archiereus Minor or Archiereus with their work as requested.

Luminary –

Organizer and Facilitator of a local branch

Local Branch Government:

1st Counselor – To assist with local branch functions and duties, including to host meetings when the Luminary is unable to for whatever reason.

2nd Counselor – To assist 1st Counselor. This function will typically only be necessary in very large local branches, such as an Ecclesia or Luminous Ecclesia.

Other task specific jobs and tiles as needed per branch and appointed by the local Luminary. One example would be to appoint a Scribe whose function would be to keep minutes and record attendance.

Ambassadors –

Ambassadors are registered GCOL members who have an aptitude for Luciferian Philosophy, skills in explaining and communicating with others and the logical approach towards presenting it to those questioning or seeking information. Ambassadors are chosen by the Archons by recommendations from the Archiereus Minor or Archiereus along with some type of demonstration of this skill in video or voice recorded presentations; this includes also any print or media representations of a past endeavor. The Archons may interview the individual and confirm their appointment. Archon’s may choose candidates for an Ambassador role and recommended an Archiereus and Archiereus Minor to facilitate the training for this position. The Ambassador must present a talent for being able to communicate the Luciferian Philosophy and alleviate misconceptions.