To become a leader in the Greater Church of Lucifer is an opportunity to become a working part of the church. We take great pride in our leaders as bearers of light to themselves and the people that they directly have in contact with. As leaders of the church you will get to become a part of something that will change how the Left Hand is perceived and be on the ground floor of one of the biggest advances of mankind as a whole. Leaders are the life blood of the church and the support of these leaders can help spread the complete philosophy that we as the human race so desperately needs. In no way does these mean the spread of dogma, but it does mean that we as leaders get to help those who want to be helped awaken into a new way of thought and progression.

We get to be the hands that help people become strong for themselves and not based on slave like dogma that has ensured mankind for thousands of years. We as leaders are not here to tell one how to live, but only be guide when needed.

Leadership in the church is not for everyone. It can be very demanding and should be reserved for those who have the Black Flame burning deep within them. One would have to have a passion to perform this labor of love. A passion to find the true self and be there as a rock for others who wish the same.

To become a leader in the church you would have to have a good understanding about the philosophy set forth by the church and all those who came before it. We are not stating that you have to be a seasoned ceremonial magician to be come a leader. However, you must be able to answer questions that the general public would have.

Leadership within the Church is different than general membership. Leadership can speak on behalf of the Church and must maintain an appropriate public image without scandal. These guidelines have been put into place for the protection of the Church as a whole. We are aiming at building an organization which will be taken seriously and have the rights and privileges afforded by the law of the land in every location we establish ourselves. No member of the GCOL is authorized to represent the church without prior approval in writing (digital or otherwise) from an Archon.

Leadership requirements to maintain status and title within the church.

Bi-weekly reporting

Bi-weekly reports are to be submitted to headquarters from all branch and Zone leaders. Each report should be submitted in full detail about activities engaged in during that two week period.

Community Service

GCOL is evaluating the potential of establishing or encouraging various assistance programs to help others from a Luciferian philosophical view. We don’t waste time on those who are not willing to accept help with desire to get their life towards a path of personal power and self-sufficiency. Luciferians believe “Help others help themselves” is in accordance with natural law. A recognizable trait of the Luciferian is the survival instinct and burning desire for something better; a potential of self-excellence with is often unspoken but nevertheless real. We look for this in others as we exalt this trait manifest in the individual. In specific and special circumstances, the branch leadership may commit to a special opportunity for setting this balance in motion. Only with authority from your immediate GCOL leader, should any organized representation from the Church be conducted.

It is recommended that all the members of your branch wear something that ties them to the church, as appropriate for the event in question. This could include matching t-shirts or something more subtle such as a pin or button.

Remember that as the strong-minded individualistic that you are, the symbolism of Lucifer (no matter what is perceived) is darkly confrontational to those who don’t understand. They think you potentially “worship the devil” or something equally idiotic; be well-studied in “Wisdom of Eosphoros” and by practice, grow comfortable with a simple, fact and reason oriented statement, define what Luciferianism is. You must be able to explain it simply and without the symbolic language often used in magical circles. Think of the person asking the questions as if you respect them as a friend, with a degree of articulation of speech, pleasantly explaining the core philosophy of Luciferianism. If they grow angry, confrontational or asking obvious “mocking” questions then with a degree of class tinged with a slightly sharp focus, end the conversation as if you would prefer to not talk to someone who can’t hear you.

Certification programs

Several courses are in development which will cover leadership skills as well as more esoteric subjects. Those aspiring toward leadership positions in the Church will be expected to have completed certain mandatory courses in order to be considered for a position. Existing leaders will be expected to make reasonable progress towards completing these mandatory courses.

In addition, once these mandatory courses have been completed it will be expected that elective courses will be taken regularly in order to maintain a leadership position.

These educational requirements will be further elaborated when the training programs become available. The intention is to have a leadership that has proven that they understand a common base of relevant information and continue to expand their knowledge into subjects they feel personally drawn to explore.

Leadership questionnaires are required from any member in the GCOL who intends to assume a title and office. These questions are firstly organized to provide insight into the knowledge of the individual, to better facilitate his or her study and ability to perform in this role.

Background Checks

Leadership must submit a full background check before being placed into any type of office within the Church. We understand that people can change. It is not our objective to judge mistakes of the past. However, we must take steps to ensure the safety of the church and membership at all costs. A fee of $60 will be required from the individual seeking a role in leadership, this fee is non-refundable and is used to cover costs of background checks, etc. A person who is in line for leadership roles within the church cannot have the following offenses on any type of past criminal record:

i. Felonies. These will be taken on a case by case basis and must be no less than 5 years old without any other jailable offences.

ii. Sexual offenses of any kind

iii. Violent offenses of any kind

iv. Fraud


Leadership must maintain an appropriate image as representatives of the organization. This means that leadership will not involve themselves with any type of scandal that could reflect negatively on the Church. Any report of scandal will result in an internal investigation and the leadership may be required to go before the heads of the Church after the investigation is complete to justify their actions.

Dress Code

Leadership must maintain a positive public image at all times. This will include dress while representing the Church. While on camera and/or leading meetings each leader must dress and be groomed in order to show the appearance of respectability and good hygiene.

For regular meetings and non-ceremonial events the leadership is expected to go beyond simple casual attire. We aren’t going to go into great detail on what to wear, but it is expected that your attire will be elevated in some way without going beyond into the ridiculous. A simple way to do this would be to dress “business casual” or semi-formal wear. This would typically include an evening gown; slacks or dress pants paired with a button up shirt or blouse; a business suit or official GCOL robes.

For ceremonial purposes, membership robes must be worn. These can be purchased at a discounted rate. With these robes each leader will receive a stole that will dictate roles of responsibility (aka “Rank”) with the Church. Additional robes may be provided to replace worn out robes after at least one year of service to the Church in a leadership role.

Leadership by law of the IRS and to the 501c3 documentation, cannot be tied to or associated with any other religion or religious organization. This mean that it will be required to renounces all ties will all other organizations and be taken off their record books. However this does not mean you have to stop researching and learning as a “club member” of that group. If allowed you can remain a member of orders and other groups as an unofficial member.